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IRS Registration

The first step to start your tax agent (preparer) training to ensure that you can provide tax prep for compensation and electronically file tax returns is to gather two significant numbers: A Preparer's Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). You must register with the IRS to obtain a PTIN number and an EFIN number.


  • Preparer's Tax Identification Number

    • The Preparer's Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is an identification number that every paid tax return preparer must utilize on their United States federal tax returns when they are submitted to the IRS. Every tax preparer must obtain a PTIN by going to PTIN registration is a straightforward process, but we can help you with PTIN registration to ensure it is done correctly.

    • Suppose you currently have a PTIN. Our due diligence identifies that it is now under investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigations Division or other authorities or that your account number is linked to fraudulent activity. In that case, we will not be able to provide our tax preparation solutions to you.

  • Electronic Filing Identification Number

    • The number assigned by the IRS to a person admitting them into the IRS e-file program and allowing that individual to file tax returns electronically is called an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). Getting assigned an EFIN does not require a hard cost during the application process. However, fingerprints and a background check must be agreed upon when you apply for an EFIN.​

    • We are happy to assist those who do not have an EFIN after reviewing the returns for IRS compliance. However, it should be noted that our e-filing service is exclusively available to people in two unique categories who want to apply for their EFIN. The first is those who agree to adhere to all applicable requirements for participation in IRS e-file wherever published. The second is those who have not been denied involvement in the IRS e-file. (See, at minimum, Revenue Procedure 2007-40, IRS Publication 3112, and the IRS website).


We are one of the few tax preparation companies that own the licensed tax software that is true, 100%, web-based, professional tax preparation software on the market today, which permits you to prepare individual returns without having to download anything! Tax Gurus professional tax preparation software is "on the cloud," making it accessible from anywhere. You can even prepare tax returns from a smartphone or tablet. Most importantly, Tax Gurus software is very user-friendly and easy to learn.


Through our software "interview mode," you will never see a tax form. Our software prompts you to ask the taxpayer questions. Next, you input the answers into the software, and it selects and completes the tax forms for you. You can complete an essential tax return in about 15 minutes using our professional tax preparation software. Also, our software has state-of-the-art functionality that will save you time and money. Your customers can sign on-screen with the mouse, which will permit you to operate a "paperless" tax office. You can eliminate toner costs, and the actual time it takes to print each return. You can email the taxpayer their copy. Our tax software for tax preparers was designed to make your job as easy as possible.


Our tax agents' training is thorough yet easily understood and absorbed. Our tax training program is designed to help you learn how to prepare taxes stress-free. You will know how to do taxes as you're walked through our tax software step-by-step. During the tax training, you are permitted to ask questions and get answers on the spot. You will also be given the time and attention required for you to learn the software. We offer software training multiple times per week. If you've ever wondered how you could become an income tax agent, we have your answers.

Additionally, you can follow up with your tax trainer or a member of our staff whenever you need additional help as you learn how to prepare taxes. We always remain available to you through your tax agents' training and beyond. You also will be trained on the basics of tax law. In other words, we will teach you the basic rules that govern the "straight-down-the-middle" or routinely encountered tax returns. Once you complete your training, you should be ready to become an income tax agent.

Bank Products 

To be competitive in the retail tax preparation business, you must deliver taxpayers the refund solutions they demand. Through Tax Gurus, you will be able to offer your service without the necessity of the taxpayers paying your tax preparation fee out-of-pocket. Instead, our banking partner will withhold your fee from the taxpayers' refunds and authorize you to print refund checks and issue debit cards from your tax business, just like other national tax business chains. In addition, you will be able to offer up to a $6,000 Cash Advance. Do not worry about bank approval. All Tax Gurus Affiliates are not guaranteed to be approved by our contract with the bank.

Site Selection

Starting your tax business in the wrong location will halt your business before it even has a chance to start. Based on tax office, zip code-specific data, we know the best places to locate a tax office, and your trainer will do a Market Analysis and share that information with you. The finding of our market analysis will tell you if the desired location is worth it and offer information on other thriving markets that you can capitalize on in the future.


This business is more about location and marketing than it will ever be about tax preparation. Our tax software is so easy to use tax preparation can be done by anyone and anywhere. The hard part is getting customers through the door. We will share our considerable experience and successful tax business marketing strategies with you by assigning an experienced tax agent as a mentor.

Your mentor will be an individual who has operated a tax office and counseled other aspiring tax prep business entrepreneurs as well. Your mentor will be your point of contact for all of your tax business marketing concerns. This expert will conduct a Market Analysis along with your trainer (using our proprietary software, the "Tax Gurus Tax Demographics Tool) to evaluate the competition and ascertain a prime area in which to locate your tax business (Site Selection). If needed, this expert will be available to negotiate your lease or recommend a home base model. Next, they will show you how to buy the things you need for your tax office at the least cost (Office Set-up).

OKnow, through Prestige Tax Office, you will be able to offer each taxpayer a gift and up to a $6,000 cash advance against their tax return. Without. We will not let you make any decisions concerning your tax office alone. Instead, we will arm you with all we have learned, setting up tax offices all over America. Nothing about the tax business is overly complicated. Those who are willing to work hard will always do quite well! Most importantly, your mentor will share time-honored Marketing Strategies with you. Our mentor will help you select low-cost Marketing/Promotional Materials available on our website to support your endeavors.

General Support

At Tax Gurus, we understand that you won't know everything about becoming a tax preparer overnight. This is why we provide our franchisees with as much support and information as possible on starting a tax business. Starting a tax preparation business can come with challenges like any other entrepreneurship. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to succeed. You will know exactly what you need to start a tax preparation business as we will provide you with the steps to creating a tax business. 

Tax Gurus maintains a Tax Preparation Season Support Center where we have a team of tax preparation experts ready to answer the tough questions that come with starting a tax prep business in real-time. This means you will not be forced to leave a voicemail or contact us by email. Instead, if you encounter any issue at all, you call our toll-free number, and a tax preparation expert will ask you one question: What is the taxpayer's SS#? From there, our experts look forward to helping you with your tax preparation business plan.

Because we are on the cloud (or "web-based"), we can jump into the tax return like we are seated next to you in your tax office, and we will resolve your issue in real-time with your tax prep client right there! We can help with any questions as you complete the steps to opening a tax office. You should know we do not make any money by charging modest entry fees. Instead, we make our money with you during tax season. When you start a tax business as a Tax Gurus franchisee, you will not be inundated with fees that could hinder your growth. This way, you can be confident our support will be there as promised because our interests are tied to yours. We must first help you grow as you take steps to start a tax preparation business for us to succeed.

Are you ready to learn how to become a tax agent? Start A Tax Business Today! We are prepared to assist you.

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